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The Piedmont, Turin and the Valley of Susa are rich of attractions for every kind of visitor: the variety of proposals goes from the cultural visits to the enogastronomicals events and historical recallings, from the different practicable sports to the natural attractions.

The Valley of Susa in every season is in the centre of events and shows you can't miss, and in this page we want to propose some characteristic events and itineraries starting from the “ Residence il Cortile”.

Cultural Visits Top

Campanile Romanico Sant'Antonino of Susa is in the centre of the Valley; already in the country-town and environs we have some interesting proposals for who visit us. You can start visiting the central church of the country-town, which was enlarged in 1698 and maintains of the original appearance the Romanic bell tower, declared national monument. Little upstream in the village Cresto, on the mule-track that leads to Col Bione, you can see an interesting boulder carved, the pera 'd le masche (rock of the witches): on the uniform surface are recognizable 120 prehistoric engravings to shape of cupel. In the neighbouring country-town of Vaie there is an interesting archaeological route with relevant experimental museum of archaeology, the church of S. Margherita (1856) and the sanctuary of San Pancrazio of the XI century. Travelling four kilometres towards Turin we find the Mount Pirchiriano with in top the well-known Sacred of San Michele, monument symbol of the Piedmont; based in the year 1000, the abbey was dedicated to San Michele and hosts attractive Romanic sculptures of the master Nicolao.

Continuing towards Turin we meet Avigliana, in which you can visit the ruins of the Savoyan castle, destroyed in 1691, the Sanctuary of the Madonna of the Lakes (1642) destination of pilgrimages from 1300, the Museum situated in the former Dynamite Factory Nobel, and the tower of the clock built in 1330, that was the second built in Italy after that of Sant' Eustorgio in Milan.

In the country-town of Rosta we find the preceptory of Sant' Antonio of Ranverso, built in 1121; Are well-known the paintings of the presbytery attributed to Giacomo Jaqueiro, his "Ascended to the Calvary", the "Prophets of the Old Testament", "The Virgin and the Child" and the "Stories of S. Antonio". Moreover there is a painting representing "The Nativity" and the descriptions of the Saints. Finally before to arrive in the city of Turin , we advise to visit the Castle of Rivoli , built on 1280: it was residence of Amedeo VI (The Green Count), of Emanuele Filiberto, Vittorio Amedeo I, II and III and between his walls saw the birth of Carlo Emanuele I. The restore, finished in 1984, returned to the town of Rivoli its more attractive monument, making of it a worthy seat of the prestigious Contemporary Museum of Art. For further information about the city of Turin please visit the site In the lower valley are also worthy of note:

Castello di Rivoli- The castles of San Giorio, of Bruzolo, of Caselette, of Milanere, of Villar Dora, the castle of the Green Count in the country-town of Condove, Castle Borello and Castle of the Allais in Bussoleno.
- The abbeys of Novalesa (Novalesa) and Montebenedetto (Villarfocchiardo).
- Farm Roland (Villarfocchiardo), that preserve an erratic boulder that the tradition wants broken from the legendary sword of Orlando .
- The Mahomet (Borgone of Susa), on the wall of a big boulder.

If you want instead to visit the upper valley, from Sant'Antonino continue towards the town of Susa: here you can visit the Arc of Augusto, the Roman ruins and the arena, the Savoy Gate and the remains of the Graziane baths, the cathedral of San Giusto and the museum. Ascending you will meet the Fort of Exilles of whom we have news already from 1155; in the seventeenth century was transformed in a modern stronghold, and became the prison of the famous and mysterious character hidden by the Masks of Iron. The spacious environments of the stronghold today accommodate some museum preparations dedicated to the story of the uniforms of the troops of mountain and to the evolution of the mountain fortification. Important, upstream of Exilles, there is the mountain pass of the Assietta ( 2472 m ) where in July 19 of 1747 was combated the famous battle that saw the victory of the Austrian-Piedmonteses against the French invaders direct to Turin. Ascending more is worthy of note the Fort Bramafam , built on the eastern margin of the basin of Bardonecchia , whom for extension and armament can be considered the greater work fortified of the nineteenth-century built on the Cottian Alps .

Historical recallings, natural attractions and enogastronomicals events Top

In the summer period you can't miss the historical recallings in the different patronal celebrations of the countries, particularly the historical horserace to the court of the Red Count of Avigliana in June, and the historical Tournament of the Burghs of Susa in July.

Orologio Solare Giardino Botanico ReaThere are a lot of natural attractions, among which we advise the Rea Botanical Garden (Trana) where you can see the solar clock (photo on the left), the big lake and the small lake of Avigliana, the pond of Vaie and the lakes of Rosta and San Valeriano in which you can fish.

For the lovers of the mountain the Valley of Susa offers numerous alternatives: starting with the railroad roads, passing from the historical slopes of the Orrido of Foresto, to those of Caprie, Novalesa and of the Orrido of Chianocco.

For who love to stroll in altitude the varied mountain refuges and the alpine lakes of the Olympic Mountains are a beauty you can't miss. The numerous mountain villages and the cycle-streets that go through the whole valley are ideal for who wants to see the valley in bicycle or in mountain bike on off-road. Very important the natural parks Orsiera Rocciavrè and of the Lakes of Avigliana.

If you want instead to experience the traditional recipes and the tastes of Piedmont , we list for you some of the most important enogastronomicals events:

- Festival of the Chestnuts in Villarfocchiardo and in San Giorio in the third and fourth week of October;
- Fair of the Toma in Condove in autumn;
- Borghinfesta in Sant'Antonino in the month of June;
- Festival of the Canestrello in Vaie in the month of May at the inside of the celebrations for San Pancrazio;
- Beer Festival in Susa between the end of August and the beginning of the month of September and that one of Sant'Antonino in the month of July;
- Celebrations of the mountain villages and patronal celebrations during all the summer;

These are just some examples of what the Valley of Susa could offer you: we will supply every apartment with informative material about the activity, the routes, the museums and the celebrations of the countries of the valley.

Advised links Top

For further information about the valley of Susa and all the sporty activities, the cultural attractions, the enogastronomicals proposals, the transportations and the last events please visit the site .





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